Pascale Leroy, the Teacher

In 1991, Pascale taught her first classes as a guest at Marin Ballet and Contra Costa Ballet, and also at the Ruby Christensen School in Mill Valley. The following year she was teaching company class at the Compagnie Nomades in Vevey, Switzerland, where she was also dancing. Upon her return in San Francisco, Lola d'Avila invited her to teach for the SFB School 1993 Summer Session, and she was subsequently asked to join the  faculty. Over the years she has taught all levels of Technique, Pointe and Repertoire, and rehearsed the students in the company productions of Nutcracker, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty.

She started teaching adult classes in several studios in the mid 90's for advanced-professionnals and dedicated amateurs alike. 

She was awarded the first endowed position in the association in October 2012 and recognized as special" representative of the SFB ethos".


Her teaching is the sum of everything she learned from her many teachers over the years; she wishes to aknowledge especially:


Mr. Argelies, Ms. Nicole Dehayes, Ms. Solange Schwartz, Mr Pierre Lacotte, Mr Michael Denard, Mr And Mrs Briansky, Me Roland Petit, Mme Tatiana Grantzeva, Mr Azzari Plissetzki, Mr Jorge Garcia, Mrs Jacqueline Fananas, Mrs Irina Jacobsen, Ms. Bonnie Borne, Ms. Larissa Slyanskaia, Ms. Lola d'Avila.

Their impact on her dancing, and on her desire to transmit were especially influential.