Inspired and Inspiring - Past and Present Students

Some are professionals, others are not. Some are ready to be mothers, some are still children. 

They have one thing in common: they all had Ms. Pascale as a ballet teacher at some point in their lives, and it MATTERED. They were inspired, challenged, or annoyed- just enough to make them improve- with her way of transmitting the art form. 


This page is theirs. They are the ones who make this adventure worthwhile. This is my tribute to their talent and their wonderful heart.

Photo by Gina Uhlmann Photography

Jenny Winton

Jenny was my student when she was 8 years-old at SFB. I taught her again at 11, then at 14 and 16. She is now with Joffrey Ballet and it is a joy to have her in my class whenever she visits San Francisco.


What Jenny says:


"Why Pascale is awesome.

Pascale Leroy trained me throughout much of my life as a ballet student. From the age of six to eighteen, she not only helped me to build a foundation of solid ballet technique, but opened my eyes to the joy of musicality within movement, and the artistic creation which I was capable of.

If there is one thing that I have learned throughout my years of dancing, it is that the key to a successful career lies in the ability of the dancer to balance technical consistency, with artistic freedom. Pascale's ability to transmit this message to students of all ages and guide them towards achieving this equilibrium is a rare talent which should be treasured in any teacher.

I am currently in my fifth season with the Joffrey Ballet, and in achieving my dream of a professional dance career, I have drawn on much of what I have learned from Pascale in the studio.

She continues to be an inspiration for my dancing and my life, and I am thankful for her wisdom every time I step onto the stage."

Elana Altman

Elana's flawless itinerary took her from the children levels of the school straight to the top of the SFB company. A beloved Soloist for many years, advanced yoga practitioner she has now moved on to another life of passion: the culinary arts!

What Elana says:

"Pascale has been my teacher since I was 11 years old. I still remember the first time I put on pointe shoes, Pascale was there guiding and supporting me. In the subsequent 20 (gasp!) years, she has never stopped. In the studio she is the embodiment of grace- her port de bras and epaulement are inspirational; Pascale is a teacher from whom I could learn by just watching. In fact, her demonstrations were a vital part of my education, and I kept them in mind always. As a Company member, it was a pleasure to return to her classes for creative intelligent combinations, applicable corrections, and encouragement. She teaches with true love for the art of dance and for her students, and I feel so honored to have been (and continue to be) one of them."

Kathleen Dahlhoff


Kathleen was about 11 years old when she impressed me with her dynamic coordination and the grace of her movements.

Nicknamed the "Queen of Chaines" in level 4 at SFBS, she went on to become one of the most musical and versatile dancer I know.

A professional company is soon to be very lucky to have her...

Photo by Oliver Endahl of Ballet Zaida 

Kelsey Hellebuyck

This glamourous young ballerina, sister of the fierce Courtney Hellebuyck, was a delightful student from the start at SFBS.


She went on to grace the Corps de Ballet at Boston Ballet and is now doing fabulously at Pennsylvania Ballet.

Photo by Brian Mengini