"On Board" with Ms. Pascale

Second Anniversary Update

August 25, 2016 will mark the second anniversary of PLBC. We are counting now 91 registered students and adding Basic Adult classes and Youth Intermediate classes to the regular schedule.

Still, the development of PLBC would not be possible to this day without the constant financial support of my dear friends/family: Christine Blanc, Priscilla Chen, Lisa Gautier. Thank you!

May the dedication and enthusiasm of all the students carry PLBC into its 3rd year and beyond.



     Ms. Pascale

December 2014 Update

An outpour of generosity and support came my way in 2013 when I decided to open my studio. It could not have begun without these extraordinary people. And now they keep doing their part to make PLBC a reality. The road is still long to keep it going and growing, but they are all here with me, each month, as well as my students, determined to make this the Ballet place we all dream of.


"Thank you" doesn't even begin to cover it....


Liliane Leroy

Lisa Gautier

Christine Blanc

Marc Leroy

Robert Bell

Curtis Grisham

Priscilla Chen

Robert Ross

Lilia Leroy-Bell

Kari Boosalis

John Schaecher

Daniel Binet

As of December 1st, 2014, PLBC is counting 37 students registered or committed to regular classes.

They are: Isabelle, Evie, Skylar, Elena, Antoinette, Lilia, Lillian, Nora, Andrew, Sophie, Lydia, Katharine, Megan, Shannon, Karol, Priscilla,Meg, Trish, Akiko, Sarah, Hillary, Sonoo, Susan, Elizabeth, Nataliya, Alexei, Carol, Jennifer, Curtis, Eric, Eva, Elektra, Johanna, Yoonie, Van-Ahn, Laura, Jen.


Your presence at the studio is what makes it exist.... THANK YOU!

No less than 75 dancers have taken class at PLBC since its opening, 98% of which have come back at least once. I am confident our studio will grow in numbers, all in good time. Strong enough to continue offering Ballet classes for all. I am grateful for all of you already part of a very special fellowship.

Furthermore, colleagues in the field have visited and/or wished good beginning to PLBC:

Jocelyn Vollmar, Celia Fushille, Tiffani Snow, Sonoo Petty, Brooke Byrne, Jasmine Yep,  and  Kenneth Patsel.

This page is to honor you all. PLBC would not be standing without your support


Pascale Leroy