This new place for Ballet is entirely focused on the beauty of the classical discipline and the inspiration it provides you with. You will find here quality ballet instruction, backed by 35 years of professional experience - whatever your level and aspirations are.

Drawing from 20 years of teaching experience at the highest level and a 15 year Soloist career in world class companies, I am creating a ballet space of a different type. Ballet Instruction delivered with care is truly the way to physical fitness and emotional balance. Imagine professional ballet training  accessible to all! Inspirational, respectful and exhilaratingly challenging. 

If you are weary of monsters, hysteria, power trips, or don't need the toxicity and pretense you may have experienced previously, but still are serious, even passionate, about your ballet practice, PLBC offers you an alternative.

There are only a handful of places and people you can trust. Here, you know what you will find. 

A healthy ballet experience: tradition rooted in the California lifestyle!

Cutting edge professional training for all. With Ms. Pascale each day. 

The New Classical Place 

Experience the new spirit of Ballet! 

PLBC offers a fresh approach to the most classical of physical art forms.