Holiday Presentation December 11, 2016

They were magnificent! 14 beauties and a proud teacher...

Thank you Curtis Grisham and the Roosevelt Middle School for making possible this first time on stage for the students of PLBC. Our Christmas show has grown since year One when we had just six Flowers dancing the famous Nutcracker Waltz in our studio... This year we had six delightful Mirlitons, three Spanish dancers, two Chinese performers, and the Waltz counted all 14 company members!

Thank you parents and friends for sharing food, drinks and cheers after the show and for your generous support.

French Sessions  Summer 2016:

a memorable event at PLBC

The joy of having Pierre in the studio and Regina at the desk - as well as behind the camera!- was matched by the talent and dedication of our young pre-professional students, grinding it day after day and making big steps forwards in their pursuit of perfection. Thank you all for many magnificent moments!

Sophie Ware off to Pennsylvania Ballet after an intense training year at PLBC

Good Luck Sophie!!
Visit again soon!