First Anniversary!


Ballet Classes like you dreamed they could be...

The French Sessions: a very special 3 week youth intensive with Pierre-Francois Villanoba are in full swing at 404, Clement Street: take one class, one week, three weeks: the options remain flexible at PLBC!

And Adult classes (Basic and Intermediate) are continuing throughout August into the start of the academic year (August 24th)- which will wrap up the first year of the Pascale Leroy Ballet Center...


(Recognizing these beautiful legs and feet?)

A Magnificent Evening at PLBC

Photos by Patrice Gautier and Robert Bell

Recital Saturday  May 23rd, 2015: ten beauties and a proud teacher!

May 4th 2015 : Marley Installed!

A fantastic team of pros! Making this place a dream come true....

"Almost Spring" Update

On this last day of February, Ms. Pascale is delighted to thank her regular students for their dedication and support  to PLBC. They are the heart of the studio and their commitment is what allows it to exist.


Registered Students: Antoinette, Sophie, Isabelle, Elena, Eric, Sarah, Lillian, Eva, Calvin, Lilia, Gina, Rose, Yosune, Lisa, Janie, Charla, Polina.

Regular weekly Students: Priscilla, Curtis, Akiko, Nataliya, Alexei, Elizabeth, Nora, Julie, Trish, Carol, Laura, Jennifer, Yoonie, Sydney, Lydia, Wei, Jan, Stephanie, Shannon, Kenta, Rita, Melanie, Susan, Katharine, Megan, Kelli.




Holiday Magic at PLBC

Six VERY special girls surpassed themselves and created pure beauty with their dancing, Saturday December 20th, at the Pascale Leroy Ballet Center, making their teacher immensely proud.

(Pictures by Patrice Gautier)



An Opening to Remember

On Monday, August 25th, the Pascale Leroy Ballet Center was born.

Students and well-wishers were glowing with joy and affection. Ms. Pascale taught the scheduled classes as if in a dream.

Words can not describe the emotions of the day- and of the  whole week. Maybe pictures will...

I regret  I don't have a picture with the following beloved visitors:


John Schaecher, Piano Care Company Owner,

Celia Fushille, Smuin Ballet Director,

Sonoo Petty and Brooke Byrne, Geary Dance Center directors,

Julie Muller Mitchell, long time student and friend,

Eva and Eric, students of the first Basic Plus class,

Robert Bell, husband and painter extraordinaire,

Jasmine, with her heart-warming smile, flowers and good wishes...

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