Closing the studio soon

Dear Students and friends,

Thank you for keeping the studio alive for another year after Covid hit us all. I am thankful for having had the opportunity to teach ballet classes at this lovely location for the last seven and a half years.

But for personal and family reasons, I feel it is now the best time for me to return to France, be close to my 88 year old mother, brother and sister, and live a simple life in the French countryside.

I will miss San Francisco, my lovely students and my studio, but everyone can see that " normal life" is not going to return anytime soon. We all are faced by having to make huge adjustments and we are all doing the best we can.

I will keep you in my heart forever, and hope you pursue your ballet training for as long as it brings you joy, health and balance.

Happy 2022 to all!



PLBC  Holiday presentation, Sunday, December 11

Sparkling gold roses are back, and more of them, too!

This year we also present delightful pink sweets of all kinds...

PLBC will showcase its exceptional group of young dancers in 4 pieces from the Nutcracker Suite at the Roosevelt Middle School Auditorium, 460 Arguello Blvd (at Geary).


FREE ENTRANCE, all our friends and family welcome!

Performance at 6:00. Refreshments/ potluck afterwards.

Advanced Student Sophie Ware

Ready for a professional career!

Photo by Tanya Constantine

Honoring the Donors...

53 wonderful people participated in the PLBC Ballet Floor Campaign. Thanks to their generosity, the professional dance floor is about to become a reality at Ms. Pascale's studio.

Sonoo P.  Eric C.  Wei L.  Stephanie M.  Curtis G.  Tim F.  Serge B.  Veronika D.  Sarah B.  Elana A.  Liliane L.  Erin M.  Kathleen D.   Julie M.  Heather S.  Katharine H.  Jordan H.  Mimi T.  Christine B.  Joseph B.  Jean-Philippe B.  Sherri L.  Jan D.  Marie B.  Josee D.  Tiffany Y.  Maggie S.  Oksana M.  Nelson M.  Alexey P.  Marc L.  Elizabeth B.  Silvano M.  Elektra S.  Patti N.  Kari B.  Megan K.  Lisa G.  Jenny W.

Charles B.  Caitlin Y.  Nathalie B.  Robert R.  Shannon K.  Toyin A.  Kevin K.  Cecile B.  Gal S.  Tara N.  Dan M.  Faryn T.  Robert B.

Pascale D.

Thank You!